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>FREE< Enchanted Lands : Roland and Sabrina Michaud download pdf, epub
>FREE< Enchanted Lands : Roland and Sabrina Michaud download pdf, epub

Roland Michaud,Sabrina Michaud,: Enchanted Lands : Roland and Sabrina Michaud

Enchanted Lands : Roland and Sabrina Michaud


Roland and Sabrina Michaud, now in their eighties, have spent most of their lives together exploring Africa and Asia. Their travels have taken them to far-flung places, including Yemen, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Iran, and Turkey. Throughout their journeys Roland and Sabrina photographed and wrote about what they saw. This breathtaking account of their travels features nearly 500 color images that capture, with sensitivity, curiosity, and delight, the people they met and the landscapes they traversed. Organized into sections that focus on particular regions, the book takes readers to the monasteries and villages of China, the tents of Mongolian nomads, and the black rocks of northern Pakistan. Many of their images are indelible studies of faces: the weathered faces of Kazakhstani men, their heads wrapped in turbans; or the shy veiled face of an Iranian mother nursing her child atop a camel as she travels from summer pastures to the Persian Gulf. Throughout the book the Michauds' eloquent commentary gives context to these remarkable images, and offers their uniquely humane perspective on what it means to encounter incredible beauty, harsh landscapes, and unfamiliar surroundings.Best of all, it describes the pleasures of meeting people whose joys, sorrows, and struggles we all share.

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Author: Roland Michaud,Sabrina Michaud,
Number of Pages: 408 pages
Published Date: 15 Dec 2016
Publisher: PRESTEL
Publication Country: Munich, Germany
Language: English
ISBN: 9783791382159
Download Link: Click Here


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